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YouTubers in Lebanon

Have you ever wondered who the top YouTubers are? And maybe you’re wondering how to be a YouTuber in Lebanon as well. Well, think no more, because we’ve got you covered.  Imagine if we had to live our daily lives without YouTube. That would be very difficult, especially since it has become the number one platform for socializing since 2020 and money making as well. Along with all the wonderful benefits of YouTube, we’re going to dive into Bad Mike’s gaming YouTube channel to help out all of you Lebanese gamers.

Youtube in Lebanon is increasing in various ways!

YouTube is a video creating platform where youtubers can create content that expresses them. The videos that they create are posted on the platform for various youtubers to see. And not just that, you can make money from posting content on YouTube! If you’ve heard about Anthony Rahayel, then you have heard about a famous Lebanese youtuber in Beirut. He brings you closer to Beirut by bringing you closer to its food. We also have Marc Hashem. He is most famous for creating comedy skits about Lebanon, specifically the old traditions compared with the new.

Youtubers create various content; from skits, to daily activities, gaming and tech YouTube channels.



So, if you’re a gamer, then head on to Bad Mike’s YouTube channel! 

Bad Mike – The Gaming Channel!

That’s right! Bad Mike is a Lebanese YouTube gaming channel that posts content related to gaming. Youtube gaming is the process of posting video game content, either through live interaction with the audience or through on-demand videos. Bad Mike is one of those youtube gamers in Lebanon who keeps you up-to-date with all the video gaming content you need. This famous youtube Lebanese gamer landed a rank in the Top 100 youtubers in Lebanon in 2016-2017 according to So, what an inspiration it is to take from Bad Mike, and all his skills in gaming. We’ll let you in on his gaming journey, and you will see how Bad Mike made it to the top as one of the top youtubers. Bad Mike’s first video uploaded in 2014, was about the video game battlefield hardline. He takes us through the mysteries of the game, the hardships, and helps us solve the unsolvable.  He makes the process of gaming in Lebanon much more interesting.

After his first gaming video, he started attracting subscribers in just a few months. But after he posted GTA Thug life compilations on his youtube gaming channel, his channel and career blew up, and skyrocketed. He became one of the top lebanese youtubers. His popularity outranked that of some famous Lebanese public figures like the singer Fares Karam and the actress Marita Halani according to Social Blade in 2016. He reached the peak of his popularity from youtube, specifically as a Lebanese gamer, and his journey continued from there. He enlightened the world of gamers with the emerging surge of Fortnite. His latest content focused on Age of mythology and RTS games as well. Mike’s channel compiled over 20 thousand subscribers in the short period of a little over a year. His gaming channel still aims at making your gaming experience reach a whole other level. If that’s not an inspiration for youtube gamers, then we don’t know what is. Read more here.

Mike Majdalani – The Tech Channel!

Cryptocurrency is a coined term referring to digital payment that can be attained in various online ways, from youtube, to investment. If you want to know more about cryptocurrency, and how you can make money from cryptocurrency on youtube, there’s always Mike to have your back. As an experienced digital marketer and cryptocurrency youtuber, Mike can help youtubers in Lebanon increase their knowledge of cryptocurrency in 2021. In his videos, Mike talks about cryptocurrency news, and his expectations of the journey of the digital currency. There are many Lebanese cryptocurrency youtubers, and each one posts different content. When it comes to the top youtubers of crypto, Mike is on his way. He talks about his expectations of what might happen to the cryptocurrency, and his followers can’t seem to get enough of it. He also let’s us in on how public figures and other youtubers make money with cryptocurrency.

You may wonder how you can buy and sell crypto. On his channel, Mike explains the ways you can buy, sell and invest in cryptocurrency; all this so you can make money online as well as answer any questions you may have. Mike lets his followers in on how and why a currency may double or go down hill all of a sudden. When you least expect it, you will notice that Mike had already anticipated the downfall of a cryptocurrency, that would eventually come to the public’s eye later. Thus not only is he great with answering all our crypto related questions, but he also openly anticipates what will happen in the near future; thus opening our eyes more and more to the idea of cryptocurrency all together. Check this article out to see how entrepreneurs in Lebanon are making money with technologies like blockchain and others.

Mike’s future on YouTube

Mike’s journey doesn’t stop here though. He has his own dreams and expectations that he wishes to accomplish. As you may wish to know more about gaming youtubers or cryptocurrency, Mike hopes to become one of the top crypto Youtubers in Lebanon as well as become one of the top gaming youtubers. Mike’s dreams are not too big for him, but they are very big for the us. Expanding his YouTube channels and becoming one of the top Lebanese youtubers is his dream, which with all his hard work and passion, will eventually happen.