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Making Money Online In Lebanon

Are you a Lebanese that is just bored of going to your same old job, and you want to add some spice to your life? Are you wishing that maybe, just maybe, you could make money at home in Lebanon? Well, stop scratching your heads, and wishing anymore, because now it’s possible.

With the evolution of our world, and now that technology has come to take a toll on our everyday activities, we no longer have to fear anything. Technology in Lebanon has induced a home income, and a big one too. How, you may ask? Through online resources.

In Lebanon, you can now make money online! How, you ask?  Well, follow along, and we’ll let you in on how you can make money online fast.

Through Instagram!

You read that correctly! Instagram is not just an application for picture taking, it’s also for money making. Actually, those pictures you take can also make you fast money online. Lebanon is one of the followers of fashion and new trends.

How can you take your passion for fashion and turn it into the 2021 money making tool? By working with brands on sponsored content! Instagram is famous for its content creators, that can be categorized as Instagram influencers.

You can become an Instagram influencer, by being the tastemaker, trend setter and trusted, respected opinion holders. In order to make money online in Lebanon through Instagram, you need to have a wide range of audience as well as a love for picture taking and video making. By giving out your opinions, setting new trends and maybe encouraging the crowd with food and items that they never dared to try on their own, you just might catch the eye of a brand who would love to add you to the team.


Once you’re added to the team of that brand, you become their Instagram model, and after that, it’s easy money from there. And it’s as fun as it sounds. You get to do all the things you were doing before, like taking pictures, talking about trusted products that you love to use, making videos about certain content… but this time, you make money! You have to talk about the sponsored topic, and share it with your audience through posts and stories in order to spread the word about the brand product you’re working with.

And if you’re not cut out to be a model, you can be an affiliate in Lebanon. Unlike a model, as an affiliate, your job is to sell the product, not just spread the word about it. After persuading your audience to buy a product, you should consider using clickable links, promo codes and swipe up methods to ensure that your audience buys the promoted product, and ensures that you make fast money online.

Affiliate marketing!

If you aren’t a fan of Instagram, but love to sell, you can make money online by becoming an affiliate marketer in Lebanon. All you need to do is sell! And in Lebanon, you definitely will. If you already know something or two about business, you’ll have just the technique to sell. And better yet, every time one of your sponsored products sells, you get a commission.

So, for those business gurus out there, this is another easy way to make money online especially in Lebanon. You have nothing to lose! All you need to do is find the brand that best fits you, and then try to fit all that brand’s requirements. After getting settled, you need to play it to win it! That means you need to give your all to sell those products in Lebanon, and make money fast after that. You will then become a Lebanese affiliate marketer! 

cryptocurrency lebanon

Is that Cryptocurrency you see?

Yes! It definitely is. Currencies are emerging from different parts of the world and people from all over the world are working with crypto-currencies. And Lebanon is no exception! In the 2021 rush to make money online, Lebanon has been known for dealing with crypto-currencies. Crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin and many more have been raging the world, becoming one of the top ways of making money online. If you are a Lebanese, you can invest these currencies, and after the wait, you can make, hundreds and even thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home. Crypto and Bitcoin in Lebanon became a common method of generating passive income online.

youtubers in lebanon

Did someone say YouTube?

That’s right. In order to make money fast, you can make YouTube videos. The content can range from having your subscribers follow up with your daily life, routines and habits; or you could talk about your favorite makeup items. Have you ever heard of Anthony Rahayel? He is a Lebanese youtuber whose goal is to spread happiness to his audience through food! To make money easily in Lebanon, you should consider spreading your passion for food with the crowd. Everybody will fit in, because we can all agree on something: food is the secret to true happiness! And food is just one example. Easy money comes with love. As long as you share content that your audience can relate to, or would love to know more about, then you may seal the deal. Read our full blog about YouTubers in Lebanon here!

cryptocurrency lebanon

Facebook is also part of the deal?

It is! As you scroll over the Facebook posts and different videos, you could be making your own videos and posting them to make money fast. You can become a social media manager in Lebanon, on Facebook. Instead of scrolling all day, you can make money online by responding to comments, monitoring ad campaigns or scheduling social media posts. And if you have the face for camera, open a live video, and engage with your audience. You could have a chit-chat with your audience through a question-and-answer session, where they ask you questions, and you answer them live on camera! What better way to socialize and make money!

Did we tell you about Mike Majdalani?

Mike Majdalani is a Lebanese citizen living in Lebanon, that made money online. Like many in Lebanon, Mike wanted to make money digitally. So, he started his career on social media. He is now a well-known Youtuber, who owns his own channel. In Lebanon, as previously said, everybody likes to socialize. So, his videos received great feedback, and in turn, his followers increased. In addition to YouTube, Mike is also a social media tutor. Thus, if you’re ever at a loss with what you should do on social media, Mike is the one to call up. He will ensure that you find your way, and get what you want. If you want to buy an Instagram account in Lebanon, look no more, because Mike has it all. And affiliate marketing, well, it’s not something to sweat for Mike. He made fast money by working in affiliate marketing as a digital entrepreneur in Lebanon, read more here.

So, now you know how to use social media not just for fun, but for your own profit. Stop worrying about what job you should get, or going out in public if you’re an introvert. Instead, resort to social media and make your guru for social media an easy way to make money online.