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My Journey

Written by the amazing Sarah Aoun.

Mike Majdalani, was a student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at USJ’s INCI,and paid his license fees without any support from his parents.

It all started in 2017, when Mike’s parents insisted that their son receive a top-notch education at a private university, USJ.

Despite the financial problems, they hoped to receive help from the social service to be able to pay for their son’s education, which amounted to around $15,000 a year.

In the first year, not being able to receive help from the social service despite several attempts, Mike’s parents went into debt to pay for his first year school fees.

Being a Youtuber, Mike uploaded in November 2018 a video about the game “Fortnite” on Youtube. To his surprise, his video gained popularity and gained over 1.2 million views, which made him one of the most popular gaming YouTubers in Lebanon.

He continued his videos on Youtube and at the same time, he became active on Instagram by creating a very large network of Instagram accounts with more than 50,000 followers. His online work has been growing and expanding more and more as he went along and started earning $7,584.4 in one month with the assistance of a popular affiliate marketing network called OGads.


Thanks to the social networks he manages, Mike managed to pay the cost of his license entirely on his own. This qualified him to become a successful digital entrepreneur in Lebanon.

and the journey continues…

We note that he intended to continue his master’s studies, but the current economic situation in Lebanon became an obstacle for him.

Despite the motivating and exciting side of the story, many difficulties accompanied him throughout his journey.

Earning so much money and the ability of making money online in Lebanon at a very young age forced him to become responsible, he had to open a bank account and learn how to receive and send money, in addition to his university studies which required enough time and of effort.

Mike would spend whole nights awake, especially since working online alone requires so much time and effort.

He was never sure that he would be able to have enough money to pay for his semester credits.

This phase was full of physical fatigue and mental depression without anyone’s support.

As sad, tiring and depressing as this period was – especially as a young man earning his own money online in Lebanon he could not spend it for his own pleasure or his own comfort – he knew he had no choice and that he had to continue at all costs in order to finish his studies.

Mike Majdalani

“We have to try a million things to be able to be successful, nothing is easy, being motivated and working without ever giving up, stepping out of our comfort zone and giving everything we can, brings us closer and closer to our goal and we will surely reach it”